pineapple cakes


i first learned about feng li su as known as taiwanese pineapple cake during my visit to taiwan four years ago and bought back a few boxes of these treats from a famous taiwanese bakery called vigor kobo. since then, i've been looking for a bakery type of taiwanese pineapple cake in the states but the closest thing i can find and purchase is the low-end product sold in asian markets/grocers which cost only a few bucks. apparently, they are not that great tasting compared to the freshly baked ones but are edible and do satisfying my craving from time to time. so finally, i decided to make my own feng li su instead and found a recipe that is doable. the shortbread dough was very sticky to work with and i had a hard time shaping the pineapple cake into a square or rectangle using my hands. if only i had those square/rectangle molds then the cake can easily be placed into each mold and will come out perfectly shaped. my first batch of pineapple cakes looked wonky and weird-shaped and the bottoms were burnt. afterwards, i made the second batch into mini pineapple tarts instead using a mini muffin pan. they tasted pretty good despite the way they looked. 

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